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A Rewards Platform For The Masses

Movou (Moe-Voo) is an easy-to-use mobile and social marketing platform that attracts new customers and increases and rewards the activities of your most valuable customers. Movou’s time based offer technology make it so you never have to worry about integrating the platform with your P.O.S. system. Even better, our firm will assign a professional marketing concierge to your company. They will custom design all your communication templates to match the branding of your establishment, ensuring your brand remains intact. Our online platform allows you to easily request an offer in just a few minutes. Your assigned marketing concierge will then send it to your customers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email, text message and even your own website—all with a single click.

Sprint Offers Spark Action

Because our system uses time based rewards, you don’t have to worry about the expense of tracking redemptions in your P.O.S. system. This makes our platform available, even to “the little guy”

Concierge Level Service

Your brand is everything and you never have enough time. We know this. Because of this, every one of our clients gets their own marketing concierge to personally brand your communications and carry them out for you. It’s that simple.

Instantly Track Your Wins

Our system automatically emails you after each campaign or offer, giving you up to the minute statistics on offer grabs, offer redemptions, and the return on investment for your campaign(s). Get these directly sent to your email inbox.

Social Marketing For Your Business That Works!

  • Send UNLIMITED Social Advertising to ALL your social media platforms.
  • We design custom campaigns branded to YOUR restaurant.
  • Track response rate and ROI in real time.

Send Rewards to Encourage Loyalty

Use system analytics to send rewards at key points in a relationship with a customer.

Send rewards to new customers to turn them into your newest "Regular."

  • Have Unlimited Customers in your System
  • Send Unlimited Text Message Notifications
  • Deploy Unlimited Social Advertisements
  • Send Unlimited Email Messages

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The ONLY Business Marketing Platform with ZERO Strings Attached!

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An extremely easy to use mobile and social marketing tool that increases traffic and drives repeat sales from your most valuable customers.